Our Company  Delta Élite Seguridad

Security and Surveillance Delta Elite is a security services company approved and registered by the Ministry of the Interior, based in Porto Colom. We are a small but efficient company with high quality services and personalized attention to our clients. Our services, though many, are basically divided into three groups that complement each other:

We have a modern and advanced CRA (Alarm Receiving Centre) with the latest technological advances. Installing alarms throughout the national territory (tracking security devices, both fixed and mobile.   Provision and management of qualified personnel for security services, with or without weapons, within the guidelines established by the law on private security.   Auxiliary Services and legal advice. In addition to the above services, regulated by the Ley de Seguridad Privada de 2014 we also offer our clients a range of services not covered by the said Act which also complement our list of services.
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